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park ... good afternoon i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country and the aegean america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo is live at the cook county courthouse with the latest on our top story.
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for the new charges against him bail was set at $5 million ... in a w g n exclusive interview last december the former police officer had been convicted previously four times for exposing himself and trying to conductabduct young girls and he tried to abduct a young boy last week ... jewitt said that he could potentially strike again ... >>the potential is always there is something i have to realize in be in defense mode ... >>today he appeared in a t-shirt
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and shorts and was in motionless as the details were outlined in court he will be back monday to face charges of violating parole if he were able to post the 5 $9 bond for these new charges he would not be able to have any contact with young children ... >>3 suspects including a former police officer being held without bail for the murder of a chicago woman in river forest. police said a chervon alexander was gunned down in a car next to her boyfriend the former officer monday night in a parking lot near dominican university investigators say that devin bickham senior is married and she was pressured pressuring him to leave his wife police say that he hired his son and his friend cardell taylor to carry out the murder ...
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>>layoff notices are heading to more than 600 city of chicago workers monica schneider is live with this report ... >>mayor rahm emanuel is playing hardball the pink slips are going out to over 600 workers the unions wanted to reach beyond the june 30th deadline to figure ways to work this out but the mayor said time was up ... >>i want everybody to know that i have a responsibility which is to save $30 million to close the budget gap
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drew peterson attorney is demanding that producers of a made-for-tv movie about peterson stop work on the project rob lowe was chosen to portray drew peterson who is charged with killing his third wife kathleen savio peterson is also suspected the disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson pete petersons attorney sent a letter to the producers in the movie is nothing to character assassination and would further prejudicing potential jury for peterson's
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murder trial he says the move to make even more difficult to find an impartial jury and if lifetime network doesn't call off the move he will sit. >>electricity is being restored to that homes and businesses still in the dark from monday's storms commonwealth edison just give an update on the number of outages saying that there are still 31,000 that's down from nearly 850,000 earlier in the wake there are still 28,000 in the northern suburbs 2200 in the western suburbs 100 and south suburbs and 100 here in the city initially the utility in the graphics all of the outages until sunday but with a thousand crews tackling the problem including hundreds from out-of- state it's been able to be ahead of schedule ... >>if you have had work tools or bikes stolen from you may be able to get back the chicago police department will display that for the public items that they have seized on the west side the total value of all
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these things are hundred and $50,000 the items will be laid out at the grand central area station at 55-55 west grand you could stop by today between two and 6:00 and tomorrow between
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president obama says american support tax hikes and spending cuts as part of a plan to raise the debt ceiling. in a news conference this morning the president said is looking for long-term solutions not stop-gap plans republicans say that they oppose raising the debt ceiling unless there did spending cuts and reforms and entitlement programs such leaders say they're working on a compromise that give the president power to raise the debt to nine by 2.4 trillion dollars ...
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>>if you are trying to get to that number without revenue you are effectively gutting a whole bunch of domestic spending that will be too burdensome and nothing i can support. >>the president told lawmakers to back to their fellow party members and find agreement over the next day and half on a proposal he has warned that failing to raise the current 14.3 trillion debt ceiling by august 2nd could trigger a partial default with interest rates soaring and the value of the dollar falling ... >>the first of about a dozen american soldiers to leave afghanistan this year have flown home. 650 soldiers of the northeastern province of parwan on wednesday. military officials said this is the first group of soldiers who will not be replaced by new trips. president obama announced in june that 33,000 u.s. troops would leave afghanistan by the end of next summer leaving behind 65,000
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troops the full drawdown is expected to take place by the end of 2014. >>and we receive more information now on the reported targets of osama bin laden's planned attack on the 10th anniversary of september 11th president barak obama was on the top of that hit list that included general david petraeus and a major sporting event according to abc news the report says that al-qaeda wanted to kill the president or the top commander in afghanistan the shooting down their helicopters or planes the terror group was reportedly trying to figure it out fire a missile or a rocket airforce one or marine one officials learned of the plot in the papers seized from bin laden's compound in pakistan after he was killed the say it appears the plot never advanced beyond a few early discussions ... to airplanes collided on a runway at boston's logan international airport. the faa
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says a delta plane wing clipped a commuter jet as it taxied on the runway. the wing tip of the delta jet was sliced apart and the tail of the commuter jet was badly mangled passengers said they felt a jolt to one person was taken to hospital with a possible neck injury the passengers were taken off the plane and pawn to rubber flights federal officials are investigating what happened ... >>casey anthony gets out of jail this sunday and florida police had made scary arrangements for her release she was acquitted last week in the death of her two year-old daughter caylee since the verdict came down and griffes pages up and created some threatening messages and their fears for her safety she has been in jail for three years experts say the two may be unprepared for how much widespread attention her murder case attracted casey anthony survivors have suggested that you were good discussion she's released and have reportedly recommended to get plastic surgery they're worried some people make attempts on her
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life she reportedly can't be moving to an undisclosed location where shall live under a different name and a similar story a woman who looks like casey anthony was assaulted and oklahoma last week the casey anthony case has sparked outrage across country but one woman resembled casey anthony said someone tried to kill her sammy blackwell said after she left work on july 8th and women followed her blackwell says that she got into her car and one smashed into were causing her car roll over she says her attacker told her why she did what she did ... >>one thing blackwell said that she has in common in the only thing she says is that her daughter is also named caylee the woman who attacked her was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon ... >>allstate is raising rates for customers and rod blagojevich and his lawyers were back in court this midday and we will have a lunch break with an
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good afternoon i am angie lau for bloomberg news ... nationally the latest government report on inflation shows a drop in the cost of living due to the falling oil prices ... but all other durable consumer goods are on the rise ... >>pizza hut is selling lots of pizza in china ... the cost of cheese is being driven up their along with other dairy high prices ...
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>>embattled news corp. is apologizing for the phone hacking scandal in britain rebekah brooks head of news corp. international resigned all of this happening as the fbi here in the united states it begins its investigation to determine whether news corp. was involved in hacking scheme target in september 11th survivors and families we are seeing a fluctuating market right now energy and tax sharesech shares are responding to
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the stalemate over the debt ceiling ... >>allstate customers in illinois can expect next bills to go up by as much as 9% the northbrook based insurance company is raising prices by two and half- 9% effective this week 80% of allstate's illinois policyholders will be on the lower end of the increase the company plans increases on claims from recent midwest storms this the third straight summer of state has hiked homeowner rates in illinois ... and if you've been putting it off today's less data by that city's dicker the grace period ends at midnight ... still ahead we have that review
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of the new harry potter foamilm
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this is the weekend that harry potter fans have been waiting for the final installment of the film series is now out in theaters there were 6000 sold-
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out midnight screenings nationwide for harry potter and the deathly hellosallows some industry insiders predict this installment could be the best world wide opening in film history ... >>today we have a rare film with a rich wonderful story and filmmaking shortnothing short of spectacular this is the perfect conclusion to the harry potter franchise it's a master class and storytelling in film making it could be one of the best if not the best film of the year ... a 2 hour plus battlefield
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scavenger hunt ... done with intelligence imagination and complete excitement and great performances from the entire cast a speciallyespecially ralph fienes i am highly recommend in this movie see it on as big a screen as possible and 3-d it.. here's what some of the fans had to say >>the action was nonstop this is just what i wanted to see the fight scenes were amazing >>we saw the 3-d version of
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visual effects were amazing they did a great battle scene ... we loved it >>as always you can take a look at my current and past reviews and the a list celebrity interviews on my page on the web site and sunday in my dean's list, and the chicago tribune you can read my interview with rupert grint have a great weekend everyone.. [ engine revs ] what makes us number one in motorcycle insurance?
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that if they don't comply with the terms of rod blagojevich as bond they can lose their home ... >>the former governor and his wife were present in court this morning as he was admonish by judge james zagel he told blagojevich that he could lose his ravenswood home and the washington d.c. condo if he did not comply with the conditions of the bond ... >>we signed all the necessary papers to comply with these bond requirements and now we have to get going mid could give her daughter from school ... >>he did not take questions ... >>he stood by the judgebefore the judge with his wife patty by his side had told the judge that he did want
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to comply with these conditions ... certain paperwork was not filed regarding the homes. which he used to secure bond ... >>title appraisals mortgage statements and other information had not yet been received by the court ... the blagojevich's are trying to sell their north residentnce.. judge a zagel decided $450,000 was enough to place value on securing the ravenswood home ... judge zagel denied a motion
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regarding the jurors in the research for the appeal the judge denied it because he wanted " for the ashes to cool off " >>we have many states that will hit 90 degree temperatures for next week there is a major heat wave for nine. coming.. we have a hot string of days going. we have thunderstorms' happening to the north of lessus.. clusters like these slide down
12:31 pm
and may be a factor tonight and there may be a second system development for the weekend these are north restwest flows the big story will be the growing warmth and humidity it's warm out there isit's in the high '70's and as you move in and land temperatures are growing up to the '80s it's 82 degrees at o'hare and at midway ... look at
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the storm's coming and to maple grove minnesota and look at some of these rainfall accumulation numbers all with the wind readings these northwest flow storms can really packet punch we will be into the 90s on sunday and monday that will probably go on till thursday.
12:33 pm
we have a light wind off of the lakefront let's take a look at the classic summer jet stream pattern ... look at these 11 states under heat advisory's and by the way minnesota is currently under thunderstorm watch. western and downstate illinois it already has a heat advisory posted in advance of next week
12:34 pm
the northern suburbs are very dry and can use some rain.
12:35 pm
the high this afternoon will be up into the mid-80s it will be cooler by the lake. tomorrow will be 90 degrees and land and 94 is the forecast for sunday 964 monday and he and taxes will be near 100 degreesheat indices will be up near 100 degrees. tonight we have more clouds with perhaps a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow clouds and next sun warmer more humid and the possibility of a thunderstorm.
12:36 pm
we have southeast wind for tomorrow between 4 and 13 mi. per hour ... the lake will close off today also for tomorrow and possibly tuesday as well it's time for today's trivia: what is north america's only marsupial? the muskrat opossum or the red come
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it's time for sports and not a good night for carlos marmol he now leads the major leagues in blown saves he had his seventh last night ... he walked the bases a full when it was to nothing and a ninth-inning florida scored three more times in the inning and won six games to three.. >>the cubs all stars had a plane troubles getting to phoenix and mike quade had security problems getting back to chicago he was detained for 40 minutes by the
12:40 pm
t. s.a. given a full pat down a set of metal detectors and was questioned ... >>the new reform on the nfl locker could finally be coming to an end multiple reports this morning show that owners and players have finally agreed on a salary cap sources say that they are also close to finalizing a rookie pay system and retiree benefits if they can't agree on a deal by monday it could save the preseason the bears are supposed to be reporting to training camp next week ... good afternoon everyone these of the midday winning lottery numbers for this friday july 15 2011. the first game is the pick three
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... here are the winning numbers: 3 3 1 and now the pick forur.. here are the winning numbers: 0 1 7 6
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on the medical watch if you regularly drink tea and coffee you may be protected against the super bug merciful ... a government study of more and 5500 americans found those who drink your coffee were as likely as nondrinkers to contract mrsa in their nostrils researchers it because tea and coffee have been found to have anti microbial properties. another endorsement for the placebo effect this time asthma
12:45 pm
patients are set to fill those benefits and new harvard medical school study suggests that placebos feel just as good as the drug 39 patients suffering from chronic asthma or randomly given one of four and preventive therapies some are given an hellers placebo inhalers fake acupuncture and a treatment at all those who were given the drug had better performing longs but u.s. the patient's those given the drug and thus given the placebo felt the same amount of relief ... >>speaks softly and carry a big fork not exactly the famous teddy roosevelt " but a saying that could help you eat less when dining out diners at a popular time in restaurant in the southwest were given forks' either 20% bigger or smaller than their plates were weighed after their dinner researchers determined that people use a bigger fork when eating actually ate less diners felt that a
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we are working with a long grain white rice i'm also going to get something else started which is the man go pineapple chutney ... by the weighty and i'm really happy to be here to thank you for having me ... i'm gonna be participating in the dancing in the streets of vent in downtown clarendon hills ... we're going to let the ingredients sweat in the pot here ... we have on handions.. along
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with cilantro jalapeno and parsley and chicken stock once that blends together and saute is we will add the rice. i'm going to get started on that tilapia ... the recipe for this mixture will be on the wgn website ... this has red pepper
12:51 pm
flakes onion powder granulated garlic allspice cinnamon timehyme and brown sugar... ... we're going to add some curry to the fish fillet ... that curry powder i am putting their and i am going to add some spice fromed
12:52 pm
rum and honey.. we will let that wet mixture simmer and a dry rub that we did on the foul play is gettingtilapia filet is getting infused... we cook the fish
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only three minutes on each side ... the dancing in the streets event in clarendon hills takes place every wednesday evening and july and the first wednesday in august and it all begins at 630 in the evening ...
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or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? and now the answer to today's trio question: what is not
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america's only marsupial? the muskrat the opossum or a the raccoon ... the answer is the opossum none of the other animals carry their young in pouches ... we are bracing for maybe a shower or thunderstorm this evening ... and a heat wave beginning sunday into next week ... tomorrow will be 90 degrees with cooling at the lakeside and 94 on sunday it will only get higher after the we have low to moderate allergy
12:57 pm
indicators ... we are looking at an expensive dome of hot air on the map. this may give us a break in the heat on tuesday but there will be resurgence later into the week we won't get any relief until next weekend. be careful out there this is the time when people can hurt or gets sick ... things will be cooler at the beaches tamaraomorrow.
12:58 pm
we're looking at temperatures in the latter part of next week to be in the mid to upper 90s ... we may even reach 100 but the heat index will definitely take us there ... thank you for joining us today have a really great weekend we're going to leave you with music from diving for dynamicmite they've got to free concerts' this weekend
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